Vacuform Friday!

Vacuform wrench tray

Vacuform wrench tray

Join us this Friday, July 1st, for a talk and demonstration of a Do-It-Yourself Vacuform table!

What good is a Vacuform table? You can make your own masks, costumes, tool and parts trays, jello molds, ice-cube trays, candle molds… the list goes on.

We’ll go over our current table design and construction as well as plans for our next iteration.
We have some examples of what to do (see photo above) and what not to do (samples on hand).

After the discussion we’ll have a few demonstrations!
If you have some small items that you’d like to see vacuformed, bring them along and if we can, and if you want to risk it, we’ll do a couple of sample runs. Plastic can’t be used for molds since it will melt, warp, deform (i.e. “not work”).

Free and open to the public! The talk starts at 7pm, demonstrations to follow.
We’re located at 1936 5th Avenue, in the garage around back on Watson.

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