Tonight: Monday Workshops are Back!

Beginning tonight (Jan. 4th) at 7pm, Monday Members Workshops are back at HackPittsburgh!

Monday workshops are free to all HackPittsburgh members and cover whatever topics our members want to teach and learn.  Tonight, join us as we kick things off with these two workshops:

  • 7pm – Amateur Radio Study Session – Study to earn your amateur radio license!  We use a combination of practice test questions and group discussion to cover Technician, General, and Extra level material!
  • 8pm – Intro to Ruby – Bring your laptop and learn to program with the Ruby programming language.  Over the next weeks we’ll be covering how to install Ruby, useful tools and utilities, basic programming concepts, Ruby techniques such as metaprogramming, and any Ruby libraries of interest to members.

If you’d be interested in hosting a workshop (they don’t have to be on Mondays!) or there’s a topic you’d really like to see a workshop about, please start a thread in the HackPittsburgh forums and let us know!

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