This Friday: Mobile Art && Code Visitors

artandcode logoMobile Art && Code is this Friday through Sunday (Nov. 6-8) at CMU, and HackPittsburgh is doing our part!

Thanks to everyone who has volunteered so far to ferry speakers to and from the airport, assist with classes, to take classes (and pass on what they learn ;), to teach followup classes at HackPittsburgh, and  much much more. We are very excited to play a part in Mobile Art && Code and hope that we can make it a success, maybe gain some more members, and provide a place for attendees to keep learning and keep making!

While many of us will be representing HackPittsburgh at Mobile Art && Code, we’d also like to welcome attendees to visit us at the shop this Friday, during normal Friday hours.  For folks that are available, it’ll be a good time to come down to the shop, meet some smart folks, talk about some cool technologies, and maybe rope in some new members!

Oh, and if you haven’t registered, yet, there may still be spaces in some of the workshops, and you can reserve your space for the talks on Saturday.  Either way, check out the Mobile Art && Code registration page!

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