This Friday: Field trip to GA/GI Festival!

This Friday, we’re heading to Penn Avenue to check out the Geek Art/Green Innovators festival. Plan to meet up at the Pittsburgh Glass Center (5472 Penn Avenue) at 6pm sharp, and we will proceed from there. Official communications will be made on twitter (#HackPGH), but if that’s not your gig send us an email with your contact info and we will keep you in the loop. After perusing the festival offerings, we’ll head to a local establishment (probably Brillo Box) for some refreshments and to wind down.

Check out the schedule of events to see everything thats going on. See you Friday!

Note to members: If you want to go to the shop instead, that’s totally cool, you have 24 hour access! Talk to someone if you need instructions about how to get in.

Update: Event photos are here.

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