This Friday at HackPGH: Intro to Woodworking

Join us at HackPittsburgh this Friday, May 21st at 7pm, and learn a little bit about woodworking. We’ll review some of the tools available to members in the shop, run through a list of resources for beginning and experienced woodworkers in and around Pittsburgh, and learn a quick-and-easy way to sharpen chisels, planes, and other flat blades on a budget.

Shop member Dean Jackson will bring in a few sample projects he’s built in the past, demonstrate some of the steps to build them, and give a few resources for finding interesting project ideas for any skill level. Example pieces include Atari-themed cutting boards, Asian lanterns, and a hack or two for the table saw to make safer and more accurate cuts.

As with all Friday events, this is open to the public! HackPittsburgh is located at 1936 5th Ave. in Pittsburgh, PA. The entrance can be found around back on Watson Street, next to the big yellow garage door. Doors open at 6pm, and the presentation will start at 7pm. We hope to see you there!

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