Synth Night 2 @ HackPGH – Friday, Jan. 29

Our first Synth Night way back in June was a great success.  About 10 folks came out to build an open source, Arduino-based synthesizer called the Auduino.  Everybody had a good time and, thanks to the Pentatonic scale, the ensuing cacophony was easy on the ears.

Now, at long last, Synth Night is back!  On Friday, Jan. 29, starting at 6pm, join us at HackPittsburgh and build your own Atari Punk Console, an awesome and tiny kit-based synth designed by Jimmie P. Rodgers.  Members Andy Leer and Matt Stultz will lead us in building these kits, which require a bit of soldering.

The kits are $15 each, and can be purchased via the Paypal link below, or in the shop on the night of the event.  Unfortunately, we don’t have enough Altoids tins to provide cases for everyone, so if you have your own Altoids tin (or other case idea), please bring it in!  We’ll have some soldering stations set up, but if you have your favorite soldering iron, Panavise, helping hands, etc., please bring them in!

Doors open at 6pm at HackPittsburgh at 1936 5th Avenue, Pittsburgh.  The entrance is around back, on Watson St., next to the big garage door. Like all Friday night events at HackPittsburgh, Synth Night is open to all!

Sorry kits are sold out but feel free to stop by and hang out.

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