Surface Mount Soldering – A Quick and Easy Intro

Join us this Friday for an Intro to Surface Mount Soldering, presented by member Matthew Beckler (also one half of Wayne and Layne):

While soldering is a fun and easy skill to pick-up, the tiny surface-mount (SMT) components can be intimidating to beginners! This talk and demo will present the best and easiest way for a hobbyist to solder surface-mount parts, using solder paste and a common electric skillet or hot plate.

A quick introduction to soldering, surface-mount components and SMT soldering will be presented, followed by some demonstrations so everyone can see what’s going on. If you’re curious for more details in advance of the event, check out this great Sparkfun tutorial.

We will have simple surface-mount kits for sale if you want to give it a try yourself!
(Anyone soldering after the demo will have to sign a waiver first)

This Friday, Aug 3rd – Free & open to the public.
Doors open at 7pm, event starts shortly thereafter.
We’re at 1936 Fifth Avenue, in the garage around back (on Watson).
Look for our flag over the door.

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