Saturday, June 29th: Class – Intro to Motor Control for Arduino

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motorControlClassWant to learn how to make things spin and move? Come learn how to add motors to your next project and control them with an Arduino!

In this class, we will cover motor fundamentals, DC motor characteristics, DC motor control, and hobby servo control. The workshop will focus on open loop control methods with application to speed and position control. Closed loop control, Brushless DC, and stepper motors will not be covered during this session. If you are interested in those topics, check back for the Advanced Motor Control Workshop!

By enrolling in the workshop you will receive the Adafruit Motor Shield, brushed DC motor, two servos, stepper motor, and battery pack with batteries included! WOW! You will need to bring your own laptop and Arduino for the session. Additionally, you will need to be familiar enough with the Arduino to program it by yourself and blink an LED.

NOTE: Students will need to bring their own laptops, Arduinos, USB and power cables. If you have any questions about your system compatibility or capability, please drop us a note:

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