Saturday June 13th – Intro to Programming the Arduino: Diyode Codeshield Edition

DIYode Shield






In this introductory-level class, participants will:

  • Setup and configure the Arduino environment on their laptop
  • Write code that:
    • Explores the inputs and outputs offered by the Arduino platform with the Diyode shield
    • Reads a dimmer
    • Controls the color of an RGB LED
    • Sends messages to your laptop for status and debugging purposes
    • Spin motors
    • Buzzes buzzers
    • TAKE OVER THE WORLD!  – Oh, no, that’s the advanced class. No world taking over in this class.
  • Meet interesting and like-minded people who are passionate about technology and the DIY ethic


No previous programming experience is required.

Class is open to anyone, membership in HackPittsburgh is not required.

You must bring: an Arduino, a laptop, and a cable to connect the two (varies depending on your Arduino)

You will take home: a Diyode Codeshield and the knowledge of how to use it!

(See for all the goodies on the Diyode sheild that you’ll get)

Date and Time: Saturday, June 13, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Location: HackPittsburgh, 1936 5th Avenue, the garage around back on Watson


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