Open Shop Friday….

You may be asking yourself at this very moment…”How is it that another Friday night has come and I have chosen to do another mundane activity?” My answer to you friends is this: Don’t fear for something much better is happening tonight than you could ever have imagined! Enter OPEN SHOP FRIDAY. Nothing is planned and the attendees are all in question, but one thing is for certain. GOOD TIMES ARE AVAILABLE TO ALL WHO SHOW UP!
Make your way out to HackPittsburgh tonight for an Open Shop Friday. People will be prepping for MakerFaire Detroit, having fun, working on projects, networking, and doing other awesome things that could only happen in Pittsburgh’s Premier Hackerspace! So forget about those boring plans you had to go to a baseball game, amusement park, GWAR show or wine fondue party, none will compare to the fun that can be had tonight at HackPittsburgh!

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