Open for Hacking!


After a lot of hard work, we’ve got the space in just-good-enough-to-hack-in condition. There’s still plenty of work left, but the shop is open for business starting June 1st.

  • The system of access at first will be “office hours” that different members will serve to keep the shop open until we all get RFID cards later on. Go here to sign up for when you want to work for the office hours.
  • Each week, the shop will be open Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6pm – 9pm, and Saturday 1pm – 9pm.
  • We’ll hopefully have the wifi up Monday night and soon we’ll have ethernet plumbed into the space – good times.
  • There will be a limited amount of electricity the first week – so bring your laptops and other gadgets, but no Tesla Coils… yet! (Mark, I’m looking in your direction!)

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