New Class: Video Game Shield

Interested in soldering, but need help getting started? Come learn to
solder at HackPittsburgh with the fun and simple Video Game Shield kit.
We will guide you through the art and practice of soldering with this
easy-to-assemble kit. This class will teach you to solder, or help you
practice your through-hole soldering skills if you are a little rusty.

The Video Game Shield lets you create awesome classic video games like
Pong and Tetris with your Arduino microcontroller board. You”ll learn
how a composite (RCA) television signal is generated as we talk about
each part of the circuit board. You will also learn how to use an
Arduino to interact with the Nintendo Wii accessories such as the
Nunchuck and Classic Controller. Kits will be provided and in the end
you will go home with your brand new Video Game Shield!

All supplies will be provided but we engourage you to bring your own
safety glasses. You will need an Arduino to use this add-on shield,
which can be purchased from a variety of vendors, including Adafruit
and Spark Fun Electronics. You don’t need to have Wii Nunchucks, but
they are loads of fun, so bring yours if you have any. You can also use
buttons, switches, and potentiometer knobs as controllers instead of
Nunchucks. We’ll have a couple little screens (and our main projector)
available for testing out your Video Game Shield kits.

When: Sunday, May 1st, starting at 2:00 PM.
The class should take less than 2 hours.

Where: HackPittsburgh shop, 1926 5th Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15219 (in the
garage around back)

Tickets are for sale here:
If you have any questions, please contact

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