Johnny 0.5, the Line Following Robot

Join us this Friday, May 11th for a demonstration and presentation of the advanced line following robot, Johnny 0.5.  Johnny is designed to compete in the challenging CMU Mobot race, where rough pavement, bright sunlight, and uneven terrain make for some unique and very real world robotics challenges.

The presentation will include an overview of the project, focusing on the design process and general experience of designing and building the robot. The presentation will also give a high level overview of the technical aspects of the design, focusing primarily on the line sensor system.

For the sake of time and the fact that we will have a mix of experience levels present, the presentation won’t go into any details of the code.  Feel free however, to stick around after to presentation to discuss any specific aspect of the project in as much detail as you are interested in.

Free & open to the public.
Doors open at 7pm, event starts shortly thereafter.
We’re at 1936 Fifth Avenue, in the garage around back (on Watson).
Look for our flag over the door.

Photo: Nicole Hamilton, April 18, 2011

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