Hockey and Circuits!

Join us tonight for the Final Game of the Stanley Cup at Hack Pittsburgh. We’ll be showing the game and messing with circuits! Snacks will most likely be provided and a beer/pizza run will be made once people show up! Bring your Arduinos and laptops, significant others, knitting and stitching! All are welcome!

Synth Night – 6/5/09

This past Friday night was a great gathering for HackPGH. We had an attendance of close to ten at one point and had 3-4 Auduinos running at once. We even had a synth jam complete with a retro drum machine found online. Marty was also there working on a router project using XBee wireless devices.…

Synth Night

Friday night 6-5-09 we are going to have a little Arduino synth fun.  Come on down to join us.  Check the message board for details.

Open for Hacking!

After a lot of hard work, we’ve got the space in just-good-enough-to-hack-in condition. There’s still plenty of work left, but the shop is open for business starting June 1st. The system of access at first will be “office hours” that different members will serve to keep the shop open until we all get RFID cards…

Pop Up Pittsburgh

We had a great afternoon today at HackPittsburgh during “Pop Up Pittsburgh” – an event to showcase all the cool stuff going on in Uptown. Of course, we were on the tour of the coolest stuff around. After a brief introduction to who we are, we got on to showing everyone the cool stuff members…

HackPittsburgh, Meet Pumping Station 1

Hack Pittsburgh recently sent an ambassador to the hackerspace of Chicago: Pumping Station: One, and it was a blast.  I got to meet the founder Eric Michaud, along with a bunch of great people who were hanging around hacking away. So, here’s the down-low. They started in October of 2008, and now they’ve got a…

Wiki Woes

Anybody who has looked at the wiki lately may have noticed that it’s being repeatedly hijacked by a link spammer.  I’m currently installing some anti-spam extensions to stop this pest.  Thanks to Matthew Beckler for attempting to manually rollback the site several times.  Hopefully this won’t be an issue any longer.

Hello world!

Notice anything different? We’ve updated the website with WordPress. A full-fledged, custom website is “in the works”, but this is a big step up from the original static page. Please note the Membership link above. Beginning in May, we’re starting to collect dues, but since the shop is still in progress, we’re only collecting the…