February 24, 2017: Hacking Food and Drink

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Time of event: 7:30 – 9:00 pm with discussion and Q&A. It’s easy in this culture to get in a routine of eating prepackaged food, fast food, and restaurant meals.  Fewer people today know how to cook than generations before. But like any craft or art form, cooking is a matter of practice and inspiration. And…

February 18, 2017: Arduino Programming 101 (Intro to Microcontrollers and C)

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Buy Tickets here  Important: Bring your own Arduino! If you don’t have one, we may potentially sell one to you, but let us know ASAP If you have an Arduino from the soldering class, please bring it!   Class Description This is a class for absolute beginners to the Arduino, microcontrollers, embedded systems, computer…

January 14,2017: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream/Miracle Berries Flavor Tripping

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Who doesn’t like home made Ice Cream? The only part that sucks is waiting for it to freeze. Well, we have came up with a solution… LIQUID NITROGEN of course!!! Come down on Saturday and take in the festivities! We will be doing a demo on Liquid Nitrogen as well as making some cool treats!…

January 7,2017: Learn to Solder Class (Make your own Arduino)

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This class will teach you to solder or help you practice your skills if they are a little rusty. We will guide you through the process of building an Arduino from a kit. Kits will be provided and in the end you will go home with your brand new DIY Arduino ready to make your…

November 16, 2016: Holistic Brain – Startup Funding 101

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  Pittsburgh is a terrific place to start a new company or try to grow one already started. Even bootstrap operations require some kind of funding, and Wednesday we’ll discuss where these funds come from and how much do they really cost a business going forward. We’ll cover from out of pocket, friends and family…

Awesome Classes coming up in November!

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This November HackPGH will be hosting two classes for absolute beginners! One is for beginners in Electronics and the other for beginners in Programming (Python) November 5, 10am-2pm Basic Electronics Class: Make your own Piano Cost: $40 Buy Tickets Here! Interested in Electronics? Want to build cool gadgets? Want to make your own Robot…

Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade

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HackPittsburgh was part of the Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade on July 9,2016. DIY Tardis, DIY BTTF Delorean, Dr Who and Back to the Future Cosplay, even dinosaurs. Lots of fun. Check out the photos below.

May 13th and 14th Classes,Classes,Classes,Come Learn Stuff!

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May 13th: Intro to the Unix Command Line aka Magical Runes When and Where: May 13th 7:30pm at HackPGH Synopsis: This is an introductory class for getting started using the Linux command line. Whether you want to manage a web server, make the most of a weak computer such as a Raspberry Pi or old…

Wigle Whiskey Barrel Roll 2016

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Congratulations HackPittsburgh members for winning the Wigle Whiskey Barrel Roll for the 2nd year in a row! Excellent job to our members who built a driveable Tardis from scratch using the tools at HackPGH!                    Photos Copyright Joachim Hall

Saturday, April 2: Arduino Day Celebration- Learn and Make (Intro to C)

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    April 2nd is Arduino Day. HackPittsburgh is celebrating with a presentation and demonstration and paid class. Come learn, see, and make! What is an Arduino you ask?  Its a tiny and cheap portable computer which allows you to do cool stuff and build cool gadgets! Arduino is the most popular gadget used at…