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May 11, 2019, 1pm-5pm: CLASS: Welding 102 with Kiefer – Intermediate stick welding

By board | April 24, 2019 |

Intermediate welding class with Kiefer. More sophisticated stick welding techniques building off of the 101 class. One session. Students are not permitted to wear open toed shoes, and they must wear natural fiber clothing (denim, cotton, etc.) for this class. To sign up for this class you MUST register here: Instructor: Kiefer Age limitations:…

May 4, 2019, 1pm-5pm: CLASS: Welding 101 with Kiefer – Stick welding (SMAW) welding fundamentals

By board | April 24, 2019 |

Learn the basics of flat stick welding on steel! This is a beginner class which will teach the basics of stick welding. No experience needed! We will be going over safety, how to run a good bead, padding, and more! Students are not permitted to wear open toed shoes, and they must wear natural fiber…

Tues, April 30, 7pm – 9pm: Laundry Soap Making Class with Bethany

By board | April 21, 2019 |

Come to HackPGH and learn how to save money by making your own eco-friendly and hypoallergenic laundry soap!  Bethany Klick will take you through the step-by-step process and you will leave the class with your own batch of soap!  Note: This soap will be unscented, but you may bring your own essential oils if you…

Thu, April 11, 7pm – 9pm: Circuit Design Part II with Dr. Joe Newcomer

By board | April 7, 2019 |

Topics will include Analog I/O, interrupts, and busses (SPI, I2C, 1-wire) Those who took part I can take it at no extra charge (contact us at info at for your free registration). Anyone who feels confident about basic Arduino I/O, but did not attend Part I, is welcome to attend this session for only…

Fri, March 29, 7pm – 9pm: Dr. Newcomer teaching Circuit Design for Arduinos, age 18+

By board | March 19, 2019 |

Great, you know how to make an Arduino microcontroller do stuff…  now you need to make things for it to do stuff to!  Never fear, Dr. Newcomer is teaching a class on circuit design: the subtle art of figuring out how to connect electronics bits together without anything blowing up.  Unless you want it to,…