Fri – Advanced Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System

Attention Amateur Radio Operators and those curious about Amateur Radio!

In a follow up to his previous talk on nbEMS here at the shop, Harry, W3YJ, will be here on Friday to cover some advanced topics. Not to fret, even if you missed the first talk, you’ll be fine.

nbEMS is a system based on computer programs, radios, and conventions, that allows ham operators to quickly set up data transfer capabilities. As Harry likes to say: “It’s Fun! – oh, and it can be leveraged for Emergency Messaging too.” With just a hand held radio and an inexpensive laptop an amateur radio operator can be sending and receiving digital data in just a few minutes. Before digital equipment became inexpensive, such communications were done by amateur operators just reading messages over the air. That still works (after all, it is even lower tech than a $300 laptop), but it isn’t very effective when the message is spreadsheets of emergency supplies, complex medicine names, lists of people at shelters, etc…

One cool thing about nbEMS is that no special connections, etc. are needed. The sound cards in modern inexpensive laptops have all the capability you need. Even in a noisy environment (such as the HackPittsburgh shop, or an Emergency Services HQ), the radio<->computer connection is completely acoustic… just keep the radio close to the computers mic and speakers and you’re good to go.

We hope you can make it to learn (and try!) more about this and other amateur radio technology on Friday.
Doors open at 6, presentation will start at 7.

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