DIY Sous Vide

Ever watch one of those cooking shows where the chef casually mentions a cooking technique called “Sous Vide” (pronounced “Soo Veed”)? Usually they just say something to the effect of “this steak was cooked sous vide for 10 hours” and then move on. What they don’t mention is that commercial Sous Vide machines can cost anywhere from $500 up into the thousands of dollars.

Join HackPittsburgh this Friday as we talk about what Sous Vide is, and how to make your own Sous Vide rig at home for less than $50. We’ll also discuss the various uses for Sous Vide cooking, and *maybe* even sample some food prepared using this method.

Free & open to the public.
Doors open at 7pm, event starts shortly thereafter.
We’re at 1936 Fifth Avenue, in the garage around back (on Watson).
Look for our flag over the door.

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