Class: Intro to Lighting Techniques

The Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest has asked us to put on some classes to help the artists applying for their Arbor Aid call-for-artists. This class is also open to HackPgh members at a discount and the public at large. The first class will be held at the HackPittsburgh shop at 6pm on  August 13. The sign up link is: here.

In this class, you’ll learn about many of the options available for lighting including:

  • Light fixtures
    • Demo
    • Sources
    • Basic wiring for lamps, etc.
  • LED
    • Demo
    • Colors / Sizes / Types
    • Type of multi-LED modules
    • LED Strips
    • Basic LED wiring
      • Basic how-to use LEDs
      • Parallel vs. Series
      • Voltage issues
  • EL Wire –  wires that glow when you power them (they call it “poor man’s neon”)
    • Demo
    • Basic EL Wire wiring how-to
  • Fiber Optic Light
    • Demo
    • Techniques
    • Sources
  • Dynamic lighting (digitally controlled for patterns etc.)
    • Overview of using an Arduino to produce lighting effects
    • Demo

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  1. Forest on August 12, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    I just signed up. Should be fun!

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