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Thu, April 11, 7pm – 9pm: Circuit Design Part II with Dr. Joe Newcomer

Topics will include Analog I/O, interrupts, and busses (SPI, I2C, 1-wire) Those who took part I can take it at no extra charge (contact us at info at for your free registration). Anyone who feels confident about basic Arduino I/O, but did not attend Part I, is welcome to attend this session for only…

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Tue, March 26, 7pm – 9pm: Dr. Newcomer teaching Intro to Arduino Programming, 18+

Interested in learning programming?  Electronics?  How to make shiny things that interact with people, or embedded devices that do things automatically for you? Maybe someday even creating electronic minions to carry out your maniacal whims? Dr. Newcomer is teaching a class for embedded computer programming in C++ using the easy and common Arduino microcontroller board. …

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