Amateur Radio Classes: Fun Times Monday, October 12th, HackPittsburgh president Matt Stultz is running members-only training classes for Amateur Radio Service (a.k.a. Ham radio) license certification.

Yesterday marked the first of these classes, with Matt running about 5 students through some of the question pools for the Technician class examination.  Matt drilled us on questions about FCC licensing requirements and responsibilities, calculating frequency bands (easier than it sounds), and more, before running the whole group through a practice exam which (collectively and with much wisecracking) we passed!  Between Matt’s expertise and the witty sarcasm of the students, an educational and enjoyable class was had by all.

Matt plans to run these Technician-level classes every Monday at HackPittsburgh, from 7pm-8pm, until enough members have passed their Technician exam and are interested in moving up to the General class.  If you’re a HackPittsburgh member, and you’re interested in learning how to get your amateur radio license, all you need to bring is yourself and something with which to take notes!  There are lots of exam opportunities coming up soon, including a test at Carnegie Mellon on October 25th, so now is a great time to start learning!

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  1. Jody Farr on October 17, 2009 at 8:53 am

    Very cool. Welcome to the world of amateur radio. It’s a hobby that’s been waning in the last decade or so, what with the internet and it’s ability to connect people much faster. Looking forward to hearing you guys on the air. My call is N3VVQ.

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