HackPittsburgh has many exciting and interesting meetups or sub-groups which you should join!

We have members with many different hobbies, and these clubs are how people who are interested in a certain hobby can meet, teach each other, learn from each other, and work on projects related to that hobby.

These meetups have meetings multiple times a month, and are open to the public. These clubs are free even if you're not a member of HackPittsburgh,however to take full advantage of them, and use many of the tools, you need to be a member. Come to a meetup and see what's happening.

See the calendar for details on when each group is meeting.

Also see the individual meetup websites (listed below) for current club updates and happenings.

Currently the following meetups exist at HackPittsburgh (more may be added in the future, if you have an idea for one, please let us know via info@hackpittsburgh.org)

Tesla High Voltage Electronics

Meets twice a month on Wednesdays.Dedicated to High Voltage, High Frequency, Electromagnetic Phenomena, Wireless Energy Transmission, Radio, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Tesla Coils, Theremins, Coil guns, Van der Graaf Generators, and everything High Voltage and High Frequency. We also take awesome trips to Nikola Tesla historic locations. Check out the Niagara Falls trip photo below. This is open to the public.

Please visit the following website for photos, videos, and the most up to date information about the Tesla Club.


Software Roundtable

Meets on the first and third Monday of every month to discuss software design, and work on various projects around the shop. This club is for people who work with both; low level and high level languages, and also for people who work with embedded systems such as the Arduino, Raspberry Pi,BeagleBone, ARM, and etc.

Many of our members are proficient in C,C++,Java,Python,Javascript,HTML,Assembly, and even FORTRAN! Don't know how to program, but want to learn? Come to Software Club! Meetings start at 7:30pm. This club is open to the public.

Please visit the following link for photos, videos, and the most up to date information about the Software Club


Autonomous Vehicles

Meets on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month and works on learning about and building Autonomous Vehicles. Things like self driving cars, autonomous drones, autonomous lawnmowers, and everything in between. This group is working on the SLAMborghini autonomous power wheels car for Maker Faire.

Please visit the following link for photos, videos, and the most up to date information about the Unmanned Vehicles Club


Flight Simulator Meetup

Meets on Friday nights at 7pm. Free and open to the public. During this club, we usually bring powerful gaming computers and virtual reality setups and play Flight Simulator X or X-Plane. We also work on hardware and software modifications for these games, and also plan to build a full motion flight simulator one of these days. We also take field trips to Wings over Pittsburgh, Air Force museum, and etc. Some of our members are getting their pilots licenses, so its a great place to learn what it takes to learn to fly.  If you love airplanes, check this club out!

Wings Over Pittsburgh 2017

Music & Technology

Meets on the 3rd Saturday of every month and works on electronic musical instruments such as Theremins, Synthesizers,Musical Tesla Coils, Electric Guitars and Bass Guitars, vaccum tube amps for guitars. In addition this club is also interested in learning about music theory, and potentially interested in forming a music band composed entirely of unusual musical instruments. We have a guy who made a guitar sound like a violin using an electric fan, a musical tesla coil, a soda can theremin, a DIY midi controlled pipe organ, and vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. You get the idea! This club is open to the public.

Please visit the following link for photos, videos, and the most up to date information about Music & Technology Club


3D Printer Group 3DPPGH

HackPGH often hosts a meetup group dedicated to 3D printers. Usually on the 2nd Wed of the month. See Calendar. 

See this website for details 3dppgh.net