A Discussion on Lockpicking

Want to learn to pick locks?  Or maybe you are just curious as to what makes them work?  Locks are somewhat simple mechanical devices that are designed with three competing goals: open with a key, don’t open without a key, and be of reasonable cost.  6000 years of research have led up to what we have today, but still the cheap locks are surprisingly simple to pick.  The very expensive locks are extremely difficult to pick and look really cool on the inside.  Stop by HackPittsburgh on Friday night as Dan from the Pittsburgh Lockpick Club talks about how to open the cheap ones and why it is hard to open the better ones.

Free & open to the public.
Doors open at 7pm, event starts shortly thereafter.
We’re at 1936 Fifth Avenue, in the garage around back (on Watson).
Look for our flag over the door.

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