August 05 2023, 9am – 4pm: Welding 101 with Kiefer – Stick welding (SMAW) welding fundamentals

Learn the basics of flat stick welding on steel!

Description: This is a beginner class which will teach the basics of stick welding. We will be going over safety, how to run a good bead, padding, and more! 

Requirements: No experience needed! 

Safety notes: Students are not permitted to wear open toed shoes, and they must wear natural fiber clothing (denim, cotton, etc.) for this class.

Class length: This is an all-day class that includes several small breaks and a (one-hour) lunch break included in the ticket price.

Instructor: Kiefer
Age limitations: 16+ only
Cost: $175 ($150 for HackPGH members)
Spaces available: 4

$150 for non-HackPGH members
$125 for HackPGH Members


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