Thu, April 11, 7pm – 9pm: Circuit Design Part II with Dr. Joe Newcomer

Topics will include Analog I/O, interrupts, and busses (SPI, I2C, 1-wire) Those who took part I can take it at no extra charge (contact us at info at for your free registration). Anyone who feels confident about basic Arduino I/O, but did not attend Part I, is welcome to attend this session for only $25, but it is assumed that they can use the Arduino IDE and upload programs, and are interested in the more advanced topics this session will cover. Arduino UNO and Nano clones will be available for under $5. Other accessories will be available at low prices as well. Again, 18+ only please, and bring your own laptop to program on. We provide other parts and tools.

Prerequisite is Dr. Newcomer’s previous Arduino class on March 26th, or similar experience.

The fee is $25, members get 10% off. You don’t get to keep the Arduino Uno, but we have plenty of extras, or feel free to bring your own if you have one. We also have them for sale for $10, which is totally a better deal than the TI-83 you had to buy for high school, and the Arduino is almost as powerful.

IMPORTANT: You MUST register and pay below in order to reserve your spot! RSVPing on Meetup will not secure your spot!

If you have attended Dr. Newcomer’s class on the March 26th, then you can attend this class for free. Contact info at to register for free!

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