March 26,7-9PM, Dr. Newcomer teaching Intro to Arduino Programming, age 18+

Interested in learning programming?  Electronics?  How to make shiny things that interact with people, or embedded devices that do things automatically for you? Maybe someday even creating electronic minions to carry out your maniacal whims? Dr. Newcomer is teaching a class for embedded computer programming in C++ using the easy and common Arduino microcontroller board.  Bring your own laptop to do the programming on, all other tools will be provided.  18+ only please, the robots eat children who are too small to fight back.

Sign up is $25, members get 10% off.  You don’t get to keep the Arduino Uno, but we have plenty of extras, or feel free to bring your own if you have one.  We also have them for sale for $10, which is totally a better deal than the TI-83 you had to buy for high school, and the Arduino is almost as powerful

Go to the side of the building on Jumonville St. and look for the black and gold banner!

Tickets available here:

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