March 29,7-9PM, Dr. Newcomer teaching Circuit Design for Arduinos, age 18+

Great, you know how to make an Arduino microcontroller do stuff…  now you need to make things for it to do stuff to!  Never fear, Dr. Newcomer is teaching a class on circuit design: the subtle art of figuring out how to connect electronics bits together without anything blowing up.  Unless you want it to, of course.  Take the computer skills you learned in the previous class and expand them to the physical world of LED’s, resistors, and other such bits to build cool stuff for your Arduino to control for you.  Again, 18+ only please, and bring your own laptop to program on.  We provide other parts and tools.

Prerequisite is Dr. Newcomer’s previous Arduino class on the 26th, or similar experience.

The fee is $25, members get 10% off.  You don’t get to keep the Arduino Uno, but we have plenty of extras, or feel free to bring your own if you have one.  We also have them for sale for $10, which is totally a better deal than the TI-83 you had to buy for high school, and the Arduino is almost as powerful.

Go to the side of the building on Jumonville St. and look for the black and gold banner!

Tickets available here: 

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