February 10, 2018, 1pm-5pm: CLASS: Learn to Solder Flashing LED Valentine’s Day Heart!

What is this class?

This class will teach you to solder or help you practice your skills if they are a little rusty. We will guide you through the process of building a Velleman MK101 Flashing Led Sweetheart Kit, perfect in time for Valentines Day!

Buy tickets here ($30)


Recommended Age Group: 8-99 (kids must be accompanied by adults)

This class is in a series of upcoming monthly classes at HackPittsburgh:

• Basic Electricity and Electronics (if you missed it, will be repeated in 2018)

• Learn to Solder (This class)

• Basic Arduino Programming (2018)

• Advanced Arduino Programming (2018)

• Sensors Sensors Sensors! (2018)

• Motor Control (2018)

• Basic Electronics Part 2: Semiconductors and op-amps (2018)

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