HackPGH December Newsletter

*Dusts off the spiderwebs from the keyboard*
WOW, this thing still works!
We’ve been very busy from the last time you’ve heard from us. We don’t even know where to start!

We have some important updates!

We’ve been busy making waves in the community! We’ve kicked off PA’s Manufacturing Week with Making Your Future, Secretary Davin, and Rich Fitzgerald, won the Power Racing Series twice, made the ornaments for the Pittsburgh City Tree, taught a bunch of awesome classes, made a drivable TARDIS, and help create Nation of Makers, to say a few!

We were sad to see TechShop close it’s doors but we’re prepared to help those displaced makers. Come on in, take a class and join our community! We have very similar tools and an awesome community of makers here and we think you’d fit right in! We promise we’re not going anywhere… We have been a self sustained Non-Profit since the beginning (nearly a decade ago). Extra money we receive goes to new tools and outreach!


  • $50/mo Membership
  • Day Passes until Jan 1st.
  • 24/7 Access
  • Teach a class, get a free month membership.
  • Volunteer one shop clean a quarter.
  • +18 but many of our classes are all ages.
  • A place for prototyping and small batch manufacturing (etsy, etc)

  • 2x3ft 150w Laser Cutter.
  • Mig Welders / Metal Shop
  • Table Saw / Wood Shop
  • Sewing/Embroidery Machines
  • Vinyl Cutter / Plotter
  • Electronics Workbench
  • CNC Machines
  • All of the 3D Printers
We’ve been in our current space for nearly a decade and we have finally outgrown it. In the first quarter of 2018, we will be expanding into the full bottom floor of Avenu (formally StartUptown). This upgrade will be a game changer for us. We will be over doubling the size our space! Our current space will become a full shop that will house even more awesome tools! Our new area will host our cleaner things like Classes, 3D Printers, Embroidery Machines, Vinyl Cutters and more!
Stay tuned for more info!
We are pleased to announce the launch of MakePGH.org. This new site, created by HackPGH is dedicated to bringing the Pittsburgh maker community together. We will be teaming up with other makerspaces to make a larger impact across the city.

Most updated list here!


18th @ 7:30p – Software and Robotics Meetup
19th @ 7:30p – Members Meeting
20th @ 7:00p – Microcontroller Meetup


2nd @ 7:00p – (Amateur) Radio MeetUp
3rd @ 7:30p – Members Meeting
9th @ 7:00p – Drone & UAV Meet-Up
10th @ 7:30p – 3D Printer Group Meeting 3DPPGH
12th @ 8:00p –  Lan Party!
16th @ 7:30p – Members Meeting
18th @ 6:30 – There’s Bitcoin in Them Thar Hills: Life as a Bitcoin Miner

Do you LOVE HackPGH? It loves YOU too!
It takes $85 a day to keep HackPGH running.

Please help by Donating!
We Suggest $13.37

But even just $1 Helps to keep this awesome dream alive!
Thank you for being Excellent and Hack the Planet!



  1. Kitty Savel on January 4, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Hi, My name is Kitty Savel and I am a collage and assemblage artist here in Pittsburgh. I would like to learn how to frame my work. I would also like to teach collage and assemblage to your population. Do you offer such wood working skills? Would you be interested in a collage or assemblage workshop? I live in the South Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. I am an active member of the Pittsburgh Fiber Arts organization and have one of my collages on exhibit at the Bellefonte Art Museum.

  2. Lou Lowe on November 17, 2018 at 5:05 pm


    My son (12) and I are very interested in learning more about hack pittsburgh. Can you tell me if there is a minimum age?

    Thank You,

    Lou Lowe

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