February 18, 2017: Arduino Programming 101 (Intro to Microcontrollers and C)

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Important: Bring your own Arduino! If you don’t have one, we may potentially sell one to you, but let us know ASAP

If you have an Arduino from the soldering class, please bring it!


Class Description

This is a class for absolute beginners to the Arduino, microcontrollers, embedded systems, computer architecture, and C programming language.

However we try to make it interesting and challenging enough for people who are already somewhat familiar with the above topics.

Topics you will learn in this class

• What is binary? What is hexadecimal?

• What is a CPU,RAM,ROM,Computer Architecture

• What does computer (microcontroller) hardware do under the hood?

• Quick and dirty intro to Assembly Language (Going between C and Assembly)

• Detailed Introduction to C

• Detailed intro to the Arduino and the Arduino IDE

• Quick introduction to electronic sensors (More detailed in class 4)

• How to use a breadboard

What you will do during the class

• Install and configure the Arduino IDE

• Program an Arduino to control a small toy traffic light

• Detect toy cars at an intersection using sensors and control the traffic light

• See live demonstrations of cool projects some of our members have done using Arduino. Robots, musical tesla coil, 3d printers, etc.

Materials you will receive

• Custom toy traffic light with LED’s (3d printed by HackPGH) See image above.

• Toy car

• Small breadboard

• Resistors, photoresistors, capacitors, jumper wires, etc

Required Materials

• Arduino (Uno, Mega, Due, anything you can attach an Uno shield to)

• Laptop

Lunch at noon

Bring $5 a person for Pizza or whatever else you like. We decide as a group.

This is class 3 of the HackPittsburgh Electronics/Microcontrollers Learning Tracks

Class 1: Intro to Basic Electricity

Class 2: Learn to Solder

Class 3: Arduino 101

Class 4: Sensors

Class 5: Motor Control

Class 6: Basic Electronics 2 (Semiconductors)

Class 7: Advanced Arduino Programming

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