November 16, 2016: Holistic Brain – Startup Funding 101


Pittsburgh is a terrific place to start a new company or try to grow one already started. Even bootstrap operations require some kind of funding, and Wednesday we’ll discuss where these funds come from and how much do they really cost a business going forward. We’ll cover from out of pocket, friends and family all the way to exit to public funding including recent innovations in crowd sourced capital.
Holistic Brain is a think tank project for economic development in the greater Pittsburgh region. Starting with its strengths in Eds & Meds, Holistic Brain wants to take it a step farther with focus on natural and artificial brain sciences. In collaboration with HackPittsburgh, we’re also looking for opportunities for makers to become the critically skilled labor force in 21st century manufacturing.

Event starts November 16, 2016 at 7:30pm at HackPittsburgh

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