Awesome Classes coming up in November!

This November HackPGH will be hosting two classes for absolute beginners!

One is for beginners in Electronics and the other for beginners in Programming (Python)


November 5, 10am-2pm

Basic Electronics Class: Make your own Piano

Cost: $40

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Interested in Electronics? Want to build cool gadgets? Want to make your own Robot and take over the world? Come to HackPittsburgh and learn all about the basics of electronics, and build your own electronic piano!

Topics which will be covered include:

What is electricity?
Essential concepts like: Voltage,Current, Resistance, Power
Ohms Law
Series and parallel circuits
Capacitors and Inductors
Electronic Speakers
555 timer IC chips
How to use a breadboard
How the electronic piano works.

This is a 4 hour course with lunch at noon. You get all the materials (including breadboard), and detailed instructions on how to build the piano. We will make sure that everyone has their piano working before you leave! Of course you get to keep the breadboard and everything you built.

Recommended Age: 10 and older. Some very basic algebra will be covered. Kids must be accompanied by Adult (18+)

Prior knowledge: Basics of elementary school chemistry and physics, pre-algebra

This is part of a series of courses at HackPittsburgh designed to educate the general public about science and technology. The course series consists of:

Basic Electricity and Electronics
Learn to Solder
Basic Arduino Programming
Advanced Arduino Programming
Sensors Sensors Sensors
Motor Control

More courses may be added in the future. If you have an idea for one and want to learn something, let us know!


November 12, 1pm-3pm

Introductory Programming in Python

Cost $35

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This is an INTRODUCTORY class for people wanting to start learning how to program computers. It is intended for people who have never programmed anything before; we can’t cram an entire college-level programming class into one evening, but this class should leave you in a good place to keep learning on your own or attend one of our classes on more advanced topics.

The class will cover:

* Getting set up with a programming environment
* Basic input and output
* Logic, math and decision making
* Structured programming with functions
* How to make a basic calculator program

The class is taught in Python, an easy to learn but very powerful programming language, widely used in fields as diverse as scientific programming, web development, scripting, and video games. There will be follow-on classes dealing with more advanced programming, and on interfacing with the Raspberry Pi computer to control electronics systems such as robots.

You will need:

• A laptop! Or some other computer. Windows or Mac or Linux, anything will work.

• Python! Download it from and install it on your laptop ahead of time.

• A text editor! I recommend Sublime Text ( or Notepad++ (, both of which have functional free versions.

• Your brain!



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