Saturday, April 2: Arduino Day Celebration- Learn and Make (Intro to C)



April 2nd is Arduino Day. HackPittsburgh is celebrating with a presentation and demonstration and paid class. Come learn, see, and make!

What is an Arduino you ask? 

Its a tiny and cheap portable computer which allows you to do cool stuff and build cool gadgets! Arduino is the most popular gadget used at makerspaces all over the world. It was the fuel of the maker revolution! Be a part of the revolution, learn to program one! Read more here:

The presentation 

We will teach you all about the Arduino, what is a micro-controller and how to use one. It will also be a basic introduction of the C programming language.

Learn More and Make (Paid Class)

If you are interested in learning more, and building something using the arduino, at 11am we are teaching Introduction to Arduino Programming Class: Program your own Traffic Light. The cost covers materials and food.

More details here.

Buy tickets here:

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