Saturday, September 19: Public Talk- Let's learn all about Integrated Circuits!



Not all projects need a micro-controller or Arduino to run them. Sometimes, all you need to control a project are a few cheap IC chips. Learn what an IC Chip is, the parts that go into them, the basics of IC chips, and a few basic IC chips that preform essential functions in a project. The IC chips we will be covering are:

-The 555 timer, a chip that can act as either a signal generator or as a delay.
-The 741 Op-Amp, a chip that amplifies signals.
-The AND, OR, and NOT chips. These chips preform Boolean logic to give your project a basic form of intelligence.

This is a free talk and demonstration open to the public.

Saturday, September 19. 6pm-7:30pm

We are in the garage around back on Watson St. Look for our flag.

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