Friday, July 10th: Event: Nikola Tesla's Birthday


Nikola Tesla was born 159 years ago this Friday July 10. To celebrate, the Tesla Club at HackPittsburgh is hosting some presentations related to Nikola Tesla and his work.

See Tesla Club website:

The following presentations will take place:

Presentation by Luc Berger:

• We demonstrate Tesla’s induction motor, based on the magic of ROTATING MAGNETIC FIELDS.

• As Tesla tried to do with his GIANT STEEL TOWER, we use electromagnetic fields to TRANSFER ENERGY across empty space.

• Tesla invented the radio. See how a crystal of FOOL’S GOLD from a rock shop can be used to make a radio!

Presentation by Geno Soroka:

• oneTesla musical tesla coil playing music via midi file, midi piano, and other methods.

• Playing with wireless transmission of energy using Tesla coil

• Theremin presentation

-Presentation by other High Voltage/Tesla enthusiasts:

• Whatever you want. Bring your Tesla Coils and related projects!

Event starts at 7:30pm

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