Saturday January 17th: Build Your Own Theremin!

Build your own Theremin

Build your own Theremin

Do you remember hearing eerie outer space music from classic science fiction like “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “Dr Who”? Have you ever wanted to make sounds like that yourself? It turns out you can! Using an instrument called a theremin. The theremin was invented in 1929, and has been used in many science fiction themes since then. Its even a musical instrument used in orchestras and concert halls all over the world. Its a truly unique musical instrument. What makes it so unique? Well first, it makes that eerie sci fi sound everyone knows and loves, but more importantly, you play it by moving your hands in the air. Thats right, this instrument has no strings or buttons. You literally play it by moving your hands in the air. Its like magic! You can see an example of a real theremin played by a professional here. Come to Hack Pittsburgh on January 17th and build your own soda can theremin! Learn how a theremin works, learn about electromagnetic fields, basic antennas, capacitors, learn how to use breadboards, and connect electronic circuits (no soldering required), drink soda and use the soda can as the theremin’s antenna, make outer space music right in your room! You get to keep everything you built and impress your friends at home! Bring a notepad and pencil to take notes. Bring your laptop if you have one. We will give you everything else. Event cost is $55.00. Click here to Purchase tickets!

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  1. Graham on January 18, 2015 at 12:11 am

    I attended and this was a pretty cool event. It was my first time at the space and I expect to go back.

    The presentation started out a bit slowly and was a bit too heavily reliant on youtube videos, and the instructor made a couple mistakes on the slides, but overall he was quite good. He was also very patient and worked with people individually to troubleshoot problems. I made a few mistakes and he did a good job helping me to correct them.

    I’d like to see more workshops like this — for example, it would be cool to build a solar charger for USB-powered devices or something else more practical than a theremin (though the theremin is definitely nice.)

    Prior to this I had never used a breadboard before and I had no experience with electrical engineering, but I’m now interested in doing more of this kind of thing. Well done HackPgh! I’ll be back.

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