Thursday, Ocober 24th – Homemade batteries and conduction in water

Come to HackPittsburgh this Thursday for a demonstration of batteries and conductive fluids. We will conduct several demonstrations including:

  • A reenactment of the invention of the batter by Alessandro Volta in 1797
  • Constructing a simple lemon battery and a modern alkaline battery
  • Effects of different materials for positive and negative battery electrodes
  • A homemade water alarm for your basement
  • Construct a simple lie detector
  • A homemade air-humidity meter
  • How to use the conductivity of water to measure its hardness

DSC01552Free and open to the public! The doors open at 7pm, the event starts shortly there after. We’re located at 1936 5th Avenue, in the garage around back on Watson. Look for our flag above the door.

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