Friday February 15th: Intro to Component Labeling and Identification

partsEver strip apart a circuit board, and wind up with a pile of mystery parts? Rainbow color bands, numbers, letter and model IDs – what do they all mean? Learn how to crack the code of component identification at HackPittsburgh’s Friday night talk on February 15th, where we’ll be talking about how to identify types and values of all sorts of electronic components, especially the more obscure ones! This talk will be geared towards helping the Shop organize our electronics assembly area, but should be accessible and interesting to tinkerers of all stripes.

Free and open to the public! The doors open at 7pm, the talk starts at 7:30.
We’re located at 1936 5th Avenue, in the garage around back on Watson.
Look for our flag above the door.

Photo credit: Oskay/Flickr

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