Balloon Launch Sunday 11/11 (Update: 107,400' — Success!!)

[[UPDATE: We launched and recovered! Onboard GPS showed highest altitude was 107,400 feet! Watch for a future blog post with links to pictures, youtube videos, and a writeup, for now we Zzzleep.]]

The weather seems to be finally cooperating for our launch on Sunday! Members and non-members alike are welcome to come along for the fun.

Meet at the shop at 8am on Sunday 11/11. Load up materials, confirm the launch site and depart by 8:30am.

Arrive at the launch site around 11am and shoot to have the balloon launched around noon.

Typically then we take a brief break for lunch while watching the balloon on our smart phones. If things go well, we’ll be back at the shop around dinner time.

See Our Day in Space for a much more detailed description of how one of our previous launches went!

Launch location will be in Wooster, Ohio. Exact launch location will be posted when we’ve picked it.

Track the balloon: (KB3TAN-11)
Track the van: (KB3TOA-9)

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