Make a Singing Tesla Coil! – Nov 10th

Want a singing Tesla coil? Who doesn’t!
Check out the video.

Each participant will build a working solid state Tesla coil that puts out 6-8 inch long screaming bundles of high-voltage lightning, with an option for easy audio modulation using an Arduino or other square-wave tone source.

The class fee includes all parts, including a prewound 8 inch, 1000-turn secondary coil that’s capable of producing 2-foot long sparks with the right drive circuitry. To keep a limit on time and money, the circuit we’ll build is minimalist, but it’ll provide a great foundation for experimentation and upgrades.

Participants will need intermediate soldering skills: we’ll solder about 3 dozen through-hole sized parts. Basic knowledge of power electronics and electromagnetism will be handy but not required.

Tickets and information.

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