PCB Making class!

On Saturday June 9th, come learn how to design a two-layer PCB using the
free, open source, and multi-platform electronic design software tool
KiCad (https://launchpad.net/kicad) to design circuit schematics and
PCBs. We will start at 10am with a physical circuit prototype on a breadboard,
and learn the whole process through entering in the schematic, linking
each schematic part to a PCB footprint, arranging PCB footprints on the
board, routing traces between each footprint (both manually and
automatically), and exporting your design files for fabrication. We will
also cover creating your own custom parts. After designing your PCB we
will all submit our files to be fabricated at a quick-turn professional
PCB manufacturer, and will meet a few weeks after the class for a
follow-up class where you will solder together your custom-designed
circuit board!

Note: You must bring your own laptop. (We supply internet connectivity.)
Attendees will be sent instructions on how to install KiCad a few days before the class.
If you are unable to install before the class, please arrive 15-20 minutes early to do the install.

Classes are open to the public as well as to members, you don’t have to be a member to attend!
Each workshop ticket covers the cost of lunch and your own PCB.

Tickets and additional information.

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