Message on a Balloon

This Friday (9-2-2011), join us as we celebrate the successful launch of our 4th balloon with more fun with balloons. We have often talked about sending a payload of ping pong balls up with our big balloons and then drop them with messages to people. Friday we are going to try this on a smaller scale. We will be making customized ping pong balls on a few of our egg-bots ( and sending them up on biodegradable party balloons. There will be room for you to add a personalized message to each ball also.

We hope others will find our ping pong balls and read them. To add to the fun we have created a form for anyone who finds a ball to let us know where they found it ( We hope to create a map of found ping pong balls to track their travels once they have been found.

This event is free and open to the public. Doors will be open at 7pm and we will begin printing ping pong balls shortly after.

Don’t forget also that BirdBrain Labs will also be in with Tech-To-Go for his second Friday. If you are in need of a new arduino or other electronics parts, stop in and see Ben.

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