Gibson Coding Sprint

This Saturday (07-09-11) HackPittsburgh will be hosting a coding sprint to help further the work on the Gibson project.

From Dan the project owner:

“Some of you have seen the “Gibson” software, which models a network in 3D and shows security events on that network in real time.  The code, as well as some presentations, videos and pathetically little documentation are at  I’ve been invited to use Gibson to monitor the network traffic at Defcon ( in August and display it in real time in the contest area.  If you’re not familiar with Defcon, it’s the largest hacker convention in the U.S. and has been described as “the most hostile network on Earth.”

I think Gibson is mostly ready to handle it, but a friend and I decided to get together and do a coding sprint to add some cool extra features.  We figured we’d invite people to join us and hold it at HackPittsburgh.  More people = more cool ideas!

The gory details: Gibson is written in python and based on a free 3D game engine called Panda3D from Carnegie Mellon.  So people would have to install the Panda SDK, which should run on Win, Mac or Linux.  Previous experience doing 3D programming isn’t necessary.  The API is pretty simple and people can always just write the logic and leave it to me to clean up how it looks in the scene.  Some things I could use help with are listed below, but if people have other ideas, that’s cool too.

Also, graphic artists or 3D modeling artists are more than welcome to come work on the art and interface!”

The event begins at 11 on Saturday and all are invited to come help out.

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