Introduction To EL Wire

Have you ever seen cool glowing wire added to someones Halloween costume and wondered how they did that? Or have you played with EL wire but wanted to know how you can modify it to fit into your project? If so this Friday, April 1st we have a great talk for you.

J. Eric “jet” Townsend is a designer/hacker who has been working with EL wire in costumes and props for Burning Man and conventions.   His talk will cover how electroluminescent wire functions, it’s limitations, and how to use it in costumes and art project.  There will be a physical demonstration with EL wire and time to brainstorm and play with project ideas.

Here is a great demo of one of Jet’s pieces:

This event is free and open to the public so come check out this fun material and see what ideas it sparks for you.


We have added the ELAM Dev Guide that JET was referencing during his talk. Happy hacking.

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