HackPGH Hams it UP!

Two weekends ago, a group of determined HackPittsburgh members made a pilgrimage, for many of them their first, to Dayton, Ohio for the annual Hamvention. Little did they know that the journey they had decided to take would lead to an incredible time for all. Members Matt, Mandy, Marty, Andy, Isaac, Doug, Sayan, and Chris and his Dad all made the trip into the depths of Ohio. It took nearly all 3 days of the convention for all members to cycle through the entirety of what was the Hamvention.

All were treated to a massive flea market that hosted everything from old time tubes and radios, to the newest and latest of kits and components. Inside was strewn with vendors and manufacturers showing off their newest and greatest products. Within the group almost all of us purchased a new or used radio. We’d like to give a shout out to the guys at Universal Radio for having excellent customer service and having the products we wanted and at great prices!

While there, we ran into Make’s own Diana Eng. She’s featured on the Make blog with some awesome ham articles and antenna projects. We also got to watch the launch of a near-space balloon flight. This gave us a lot of inspiration and ideas for how to get our own off the ground.

Feel free to view some of the pictures we took @

HamFest 2010 Flickr

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