Ham Cram success and shop improvement day

Some exciting events today at HackPittsburgh:
Members Matt S., Mandy, Sayan, and Andy participated in an impromptu Ham Cram to obtain new amateur radio licenses, and all were successful! We now have 2 new techs, 1 general, and 1 extra class member! Congratulations on your new certs!

Meanwhile, in the other corner of the shop, Forest and Matt M. were busy applying a final coat of paint to the whiteboard wall, and removing some unused water pipes to clear the way for the white boards to be installed.

Once the paint dried and the water stopped dripping, Matt M. and Marty prepped and installed the first two white boards. Thanks again to Forest for obtaining them for us!

Want to get involved? There are still two more white boards that need prepping and hanging, and they all need framing, so stop in and talk to Marty or Matt M. and put your personal touch on the space!

Update: The remaining whiteboards are prepped, thanks to everyone who helped out on Monday! Hanging will take place on Wednesday, after the final coat of paint dries.

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