Tonight: (Hacker) Olympics Kickoff!

Today marks the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Over the next two weeks, athletes from all over the world will demonstrate their skills and hard work in competitions ranging from the exhilarating to the simply awesome.

Tonight, in celebration of the Olympic spirit, HackPittsburgh will be kicking off our own HackPittsburgh 2010 Hacker Olympics!

Shake off the snowpocalypse and join us tonight at 7pm as HackPittsburgh’s Matt Stultz challenges you to two weeks of projects that will test all of your skills and push you to learn and do new things! We’ll also try to have the actual Olympic Opening Ceremonies on, for inspiration.

HackPittsburgh is located at 1936 5th Ave. in Pittsburgh and the entrance is around back on Watson St.  As with all Friday events, the Hacker Olympics Kickoff is open to all.  Doors open around 6pm, and the Hacker Olympics will kick off at 7pm.  See you there!

Update: Matt S. has started a forum thread with the official details and the list of “event” categories. Check it out and get cracking on those projects to win one free month of membership!

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