DeepLocal visits HackPGH, Dec. 11 @ 7pm

DeepLocal web logoOn Friday, December 11th, DeepLocal will pay a visit to HackPittsburgh!

For the unfamiliar, DeepLocal is behind cool media projects like the Nike LIVESTRONG Chalkbot, info awareness services like RouteShout, and providers of the excellent Gumband SMS API.

They’ll be dropping by HackPittsburgh to check out the shop, talk a bit about their company, their projects, the Gumbands API, and the joys of dealing with the bureaucracy around SMS.

Like all Friday events, this on is open to the public, so even if you’re not a member, feel free to come on down on Dec. 11th and meet some folks from DeepLocal!

Update: Looking for an awesome design/development job? DeepLocal is hiring!

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