September General Members Meeting Wrap-Up

This past Sunday, September 26th, HackPittsburgh held our September General Members Meeting.  We started out with a recap of the classes and events from September, including Maker Faire, Rhode Island and the results of our first Pitch Night.   From there, we talked about many important things for the shop, including:

  • Moving to twice-a-month membership meetings (don’t forget to let us know what day works for you!)
  • Status and options for 501(c)(3) and incorporation and liability, and the upcoming Arts Council business class
  • Two-tiered membership proposal (rejected) and changes to volunteer time tracking and requirements (details soon!)
  • Financial status and the need to raise dues (decisions to be made at the mid-October general meeting)

We also discussed the status of MAC classes, Sprout fund grant application, the Geek Arts and Green Innovators (GAGI) Festival, coming in April 2010, and more!

For more information, check out the meeting minutes.  HackPittsburgh general members meetings take place on the fourth Sunday of every month (with a second meeting date coming soon).  You can subscribe to the HackPittsburgh Google Calendar (ICAL link).

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