MAC Tour: Tuesday, August 25th

We’ve been invited by the MAC (Manufacturing Assistance Center) to come over for a tour of their facilities on August 25th. They do everything from train new machinists to helping outside companies bring products to market. The center has a lot of equipment including: a lot of Bridgeport-style mills & manual lathes, 4 & 5-axis Haas CNC vertical machining centers, two wire EDM machines, many welding machines, and a lot of other cool stuff.

In the future, we’ll be allowed to use the facilities – if you’re knowledgeable enough not to break stuff – you won’t need a full machining certificate. This tour will give an overview of all their great facilities which we can use in the future.

We need a list of attendees so they can give our names to security to let us in, so please email Nick ASAP if you want to go on the tour.

Check out this forum link for more information: MAC Tour

Check out MAC’s website:

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  1. Harold on August 20, 2009 at 5:57 am

    Just checking to see if we’re still on for the tour. Trying to finalize plans. Looking forward to it.

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